Not sure what to build? Here are a few app ideas leveraging Jelly Bean's dual-screen capabilities in Android 4.2. Get your creative juices flowing!

Be the ultimate Karaoke Jockey! The HTDV has the words and music, and the phone has the list of songs and singers, so you can keep the party going.

Play an action adventure game full screen, while using the phone to keep track of the map and mission.


Race against your friends or against the game in High Definition while you use your phone as a dashboard to track your speed, rear view mirror, lap time, and course position.


Give a compelling presentation on the big screen or projector, while your phone has your speaker notes and a timer to keep you on track and on message.


Preview how charts and graphs will look on your phone, while studying the full spreadsheet on a large monitor to eliminate eye strain.


Find and queue up the next video on your phone while the current one plays in Full HD on the big screen.